About John Brentwood Taylor

After graduating from the University of Florida School of Building Construction and Boston University, Brent Taylor began employment, in 1988, as Contracts Administrator/Project Manager with Kearney Development. His responsibilities included project management, maintaining and processing change orders, and office management. Kearney Development is a major site work contractor. Kearney relocated Brent to their Orlando office, where he managed several projects and the Orlando area office. Some of the projects managed by Brent, while at Kearney Development, included River Chase Apartments, Tampa, Florida; Town Center Parkway, Orlando, Florida. In 1990 Brent Taylor made the decision to begin the process of taking over the management and ownership of The Brentwood Company. Since that time, he has been involved in every aspect of management of the company as well as field supervision. Brent estimates all bid proposals/GMP proposals, negotiates all contracts, and manages projects from inception to final closeout. Brent Taylor maintains open communications between the owner, architects, inspectors and subcontractors on all projects. This allows owners, architects and subcontractors to have a single source for correspondence, responsibility and management. The expertise that Brent Taylor brings to this project are professional estimating skills, detailed knowledge of the local and state wide construction markets, scheduling, extensive computer skills, and comprehensive project management skills. The most important aspect of Brent Taylor's experience is that he has spent every workday working with University of Florida Departments such as IFAS, Planning Design and Construction, The Health Center, PPD and Housing on Minor Projects (less than $2 Million per project) throughout the State of Florida. Brent Taylor has become an expert at the preparation of Minor Project GMP proposals and knows the University CM process, in detail. See Brent Taylor's resume below.

John Brentwood Taylor's Resume


The Brentwood Company's key personnel for Construction Management projects are as follows:

John Brentwood Taylor
Tom Fillmer
Nancy Taylor
Rose Baranyk
Sherry Mooney
Kevin Odom
Bart Bland
Chris MacDonald
Jim Sheppard
Buck Benton


Vice President
Project Engineer
PT Superintendent