Services & Experience

The Brentwood Company, Inc. has specialized in construction management services for The University of Florida for approximately 20 years. The scope of work covered under UF Minor Projects (projects of $2million or less) is diverse in type and in location. These projects were completed for IFAS, Planning, Design & Construction, The Health Center, Dept. of Housing, Physical Plant Division and Utilities & Energy Services. With as much experience as we have in Minor and Major Projects, we believe our team is eminently qualified to manage any university, government or private sector project.

Top management involvement is provided on every project from estimating, writing subcontracts, generating project schedules, planning and conducting pre-construction meetings as well as job site meetings with architects, engineers and owners.

Our team of qualified individuals are proficient in project coordination, accounting services, project engineering, field coordination and site supervision. Many employees have been with our company over 20 years.

Experience Summary

  • Over 50 years of construction services experience
  • Over 700 completed projects under University of Florida Construction Management Minor Projects Contract (Minor Projects are under $2 Million per project)  since 1998.
  • Completed projects in 24 of the 67 counties in Florida ranging in location from Homestead to Jay, Florida
  • Handled as many as 35 concurrent projects while dealing with pre-construction services for other projects
  • TBC team has proven ability to manage minor projects from pre-construction through the end of the warranty period and beyond
  • TBC has the required experience to handle the role of construction manager for any government, local or private sector project.